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New Registrations/Final Submission have been closed now. Only Defective Applications can be edited & submitted again. For any problem, You may contact your respective state nodal officer. List is available under Services-> Scheme Wise State Nodal Officers. Verification Process is active. School/College/Institute,District & State Level Verification of Fresh & Renewal Applications can be done. Those Students who have received message regarding Aadhaar can update their name using "Add Name As In Aadhaar" under Student Login.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1: Who are eligible to apply for Scholarship Schemes?
Answer : Students fulfilling the Scheme guidelines of various Ministries are eligible to apply for these scholarships.
Question 2 : What is the last date for submitting applications online?
Answer : Closure dates for acceptance of various scholarship applications are available in National Scholarships Portal.
Question 3 : How can I apply online for scholarship?
Answer : In order to apply online, please visit the website through URL www.scholarships.gov.in
Question 4 : How to submit the online application? Should I need the user id and password to apply for scholarship?
Answer : Applying procedures for Scholarship Schemes for both Fresh and Renewal are given below:
Fresh: 1st step - Student have to go with the option “Student Login”, on the home page of National Scholarships Portal. Fill up the application as per the instructions given by the system then click on save button. After saving, student will get a “Temporary ID”. The system will instruct the applicant to submit his/her Temporary ID and date of birth to fill subsequent details. Once registration is complete on click of submit button, a Permanent Registration ID is generated which can be used for Renewal and tracking the status of application
Renewal: 1st step - Renewal Students have to apply with their Bank Account No and Date of Birth which they registered previous year. Student can also use Forgot Registration ID to retrieve their ID.
Question 5 : Can I edit the information already saved and up-to what time?
Answer : All the information can be edited till the closure of application form. After final submission, your application will be forwarded to the next level and application hereby cannot be edited.
Question 6 : How should I open my saved application for editing?
Answer: Use Temporary ID for editing the application. Further, Forgot ID can be used to retrieve Registration ID.
Question 7 : Which fields in the application form are mandatory?
Answer : Fields provided with red asterisk (*) mark are mandatory fields.
Question 8 : What happens, if I detect mistakes after forwarding the applications to the next level?
Answer : You should separately inform the mistakes detected by you to the Institute/District/Region/State. The software provides facility at the level of the Institute & State to edit & correct limited information.
Question 9 : Which fields Institute/State can edit?
Answer : Except some basic parameters like religion, name of institution, parental annual income & bank details, the Institute/State can edit other fields. However, corrections made by the Institute/State, if any, would be conveyed instantly to the student through SMS/email.
Question 10 : Do I have to fill up the online application in one sitting?
Answer : No. You can fill up the online application in as many sittings as you wish, until you are satisfied that you have entered all desirable fields correctly. The software provides facility to save your application at every stage.
Question 11 : What is UID number/Aadhaar Number?
Answer : UID number otherwise known as ‘Aadhaar’ number is Unique Identification Number given by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Aadhaar is unique 12 digit number assigned after de-duplication of biometrics.
Question 12 : Do I need to get my Aadhaar Card to apply for Scholarship?
Answer : Aadhaar no. is Mandatory for the Students in order to Register and fill up the application form online. Students cannot apply for Scholarship without entering the Aadhaar no.
Question 13 : Is there any permanent ID?
Answer : Yes. An Application ID (Permanent ID) will be provided to the candidate once his/her Registration is done. It will be conveyed to candidates through SMS and e-mail. Students should memorize their Application ID as it will be required while applying for Fresh/renewal scholarship.
Question 14 : Can I apply as a Fresh if I am a Renewal candidate?
Answer : No, you cannot apply as a fresh if you are a Renewal candidate. Your application will be rejected in that case.
Question 15 : What should I do, if I do not find my institute name in the drop-down menu?
Answer : You should immediately approach the institute to contact with the nodal officer of the State where the institute is located. You can also approach the Nodal Officer of that State directly through e-mail under intimation to the Ministry. If your institute is an eligible institution, the State Government concerned would enter it into the database and then you can apply.
Question 16 : How do I know the name and address of Nodal Officer/ State Department of my State?
Answer : The name and contact details of the Nodal Officer/State Department of all States/UTs are available in “Services->Know your State Nodal Officer” option.
Question 17 : How to check the status of my application?
Answer : Student can check the status of Online Application by submitting his/her Permanent id.
Question 18 : How and when will I know whether my application is selected or rejected?
Answer : Status of application can be checked signing-up with Permanent Registration ID.
Question 19 : How to view the details of a particular scheme?
Answer : click on Guidelines link of particular Scheme displaying in On-Boarded schemes section on the home page